Tracey Micklethwaite is a British artist whose work includes drawing, painting and sculpture, with photography and the body in motion underpinning the process of making.  While she originally studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Loughborough 1994-1997, by the time she graduated with an MA at The Royal College in 1999, her work had crossed the boundary between adornment and sculptural form.

With the convergence of the body and the natural world being central to her practice, Tracey’s work can be seen as a poetic exploration of the nature of our being. Contemplating the threads woven between our own embodiment, the transience of our lived experience, the mystery of the natural world, and the creative pulse connecting all of life. Being both of the body and of nature, work reflects the flux between internal and external; where the world beyond the visible is entwined with that which can be seen directly from observation of the world around us. 

Tracey lives in East Yorkshire, where she works alongside her husband Alan Micklethwaite at  Micklethwaite Studios.